Convertible Beige Leather Chest Backpack

Multiple Beige Leather chest/backpack

Backpack bag made of genuine leather. The ecological version of a bag of beige leather. Closed on the blue metallic zipper. Lining and inner pockets of polyester. In one inner pocket, the bags are zippered. Handle bags are sewn from the same material as the bag itself. A backpack bag opens like a chest. At the back of the chest is a comfortable pocket. The bag is durable, comfortable, individual and soft.

Dimensions: 11*10*5 (Inches).
Handle length: overall – 59 (Inches), in the folded form – 4*24 (Inches).
Pockets: 3 internal and 1 external.
Composition: 100% natural leather – exterior, 100% polyester – inside, metal exterior lightning accessories.

You can create a similar copy with the addition of items to your liking. Available colors: genuine leather: black, beige and brown.

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Materials: Recycled genuine leather, Metal fittings, Internal pocket, Metal zipper, leather handles, blue zipper, Original up cycle backpack, comfortable internal pocket, beige genuine leather